Our values


We foster long-term relations and results, pursuing excellence in everything we do. We share the ambition to fulfill the utmost needs of our clients, by delivering clear value and bespoke services.

We continuously build expertise and when, occasionally, we happen to be less successful, we see these experiences as learning opportunities to further improve.

We always go the extra mile, and are driven by the highest level of professionalism to remain at the forefront of peoples’ minds, both in Belgium and in targeted European countries.

Teaming up

We are proud to be a team. We rely on each other’s capabilities and seize every opportunity to learn from each other. We believe that teamwork creates greater value, both for our clients and ourselves.

We operate through mixed teams by design and by choice, and leverage our complementarity across functions, departments and countries. 

We closely collaborate whilst always respecting different points of view. We bring out the best in each other, and celebrate our common achievements together.


We are a people business and engage in truthful and constructive dialogue. We trust that we can be open with each other, regardless of hierarchy.

We are accountable for our decisions and share information - the ups and downs - in a respectful manner.

We are also open to the wider world and realize that our footprint goes beyond the financial market.

We contribute to society by promoting genuine humane finance and responsible investment and are strongly engaged in corporate social initiatives.


Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, it drives the success of both our clients and ourselves. We operate within a strictly regulated sector and respect rigorous procedures, yet value innovation and creativity.

Our lean governance and a set of simple yet non-negotiable rules enable quick decision-making.

We facilitate initiative-taking and build on each other’s achievements. We do away with preconceived ideas and are open to new ways of thinking and working. We favor pragmatic and efficient answers to specific client issues over template solutions. 

Client centric

It is simple: without our clients, we would not be here. We never take our relationship with them for granted.

Our aim is to empower our clients, both external and internal, to realize their ambitions, by putting ourselves in their shoes and relentlessly striving to enhance their success. We have organized ourselves into client teams in such a way as to think and work across business lines and this makes us an even stronger partner.

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