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Private bank, collective interest.

What we do today has an impact on tomorrow. Degroof Petercam resolutely opts for sustainable investment and combines return with sustainable results. In this way, we contribute to a future for the planet. Everyone, across the generations, will benefit.

I want to invest sustainably

​You are Tomorrow

Mindset is everything. Where focus goes, energy flows. Your twenties and thirties are the perfect time to lay the foundation for lifelong sustainable wealth. To become financially independent as soon as possible, self-direct your investments and keep control over your wealth.

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​​​​Degroof Petercam celebrates its 150th anniversary​

This year, Degroof Petercam is 150 years old, and we are proud of this longevity! Our passion for our clients, our financial services, our management expertise, the trust we enjoy, and our ability to evolve are the foundations of this. Our priority? It's how we approach the future for our clients.

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