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Corporate Finance

As an independent financial adviser, Degroof Petercam Corporate Finance structures and executes tailor-made deals for large corporations, family businesses, financial institutions, private equity funds and governments.

About us

Over the last 40 years, we have provided our clients with independent financial advice and assisted them in acquiring and selling businesses and raising funds.

With offices in Brussels, Paris and Lyon, and a strong network of privileged partners around the world, our European team of 70 specialists combines in-depth knowledge of the local economic, political, legal and cultural environment with widespread experience and technical skills.

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Planning to sell your company? Wishing to grow your business through acquisitions?

As a sell side adviser, we support the shareholders by identifying the ideal potential buyers or strategic partners and setting up and managing an optimal sales process. We can also assist our clients in acquiring a target company as a buy-side adviser.

Furthermore we are active in a variety of M&A related roles, such as providing fairness opinions and expert advice, structuring public bids for listed companies or performing valuations.

Multi-disciplinary and cross-border teams are set up with experts in our credit, wealth structuring and private banking departments from our European Branches. We offer sophisticated credit facilities ​and structured finance solutions for M&A transactions (management buy-in and buy-outs, capital restructuring, etc.)  


Considering a listing of your company on the stock market to get access to additional sources of funding? Interested in raising equity or selling existing shares through a private placement?

We are geared to support our clients and ensure that they meet their financial needs and expansion plans through IPO's, follow-on offerings and private placements of newly issued or existing shares.

With the help of colleagues from Financial Markets and sell-side research, we support our clients at every stage of the transaction: structuring, negotiation, valuation, investor presentation, documentation, market execution, book building and an active aftermarket commitment. ​​


Planning to raise funds through debt issuance? Looking for advice on your debt structure?​

Our pan-European distribution channels and sales team assist organizations to raise capital from investors across Europe by issuing, privately or publicly, different types of debt instruments such as  loans, bonds, equity-linked products and real estate certificates.

We deliver general debt advisory services to companies and governments, helping them select the right debt product, maturity, covenants, fee structures and market timing. We can also facilitate an official credit rating.


Do you require an independent financial expert? ​

We take pride in our independence as it enables us to address current issues whilst still offering you the best of both worlds. Our work spans a wide range of services which include company valuations in various contexts, for example employee incentive plans, and unbiased opinion services in private and public transactions, for example takeover bids and restructuring of capital.

We are recognized for our thorough insight of the Real Estate sector and provide advisory services in the development and implementation of real estate investment strategies.

​Global reach​

Degroof Petercam Investment Banking is  IMAP’s exclusive corporate finance partner for M&A activities in Belgium and France. Founded in 1973, IMAP is a leading partnership of midcap M&A advisories located in 39 countries with more than 60 offices and 350 M&A professionals.


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Contact us

Degroof Petercam Corporate Finance SA/NV
Rue Guimard 18
B-1040 Brussels
+32 2 287 97 11