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You are Tomorrow

Mindset is everything. Where focus goes, energy flows. Your twenties and thirties are the perfect time to lay the foundation for lifelong sustainable wealth. To become financially independent as soon as possible, self-direct your investments and keep control over your wealth.

Make connections count

The You are Tomorrow community by Degroof Petercam is made up of 300+ people, successful entrepreneurs and high potentials that aim to achieve high growth and are interested in getting a better handle on their finances.


The Art of Finance

Learn the game of wealth management and investing. Join 7 x masterclasses in private banking, 20+ experts, and build your financial future with confidence.

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Young Entrepreneurs Share Tips - Interview Series

Joachim Van der Meiren (30) co-founded AppLeads, a marketing tech startup in 2014. He successfully sold his company to a business angel in 2018. Nowadays, Joachim works as Investment Manager at Degroof Petercam Family Office.

The limits of Facebook's Libra

"Reinvent money. Transform the global economy. So people everywhere can live better lives."

The mission of Facebook’s new coin is a working example of golden circle marketing. However, there are clear economic limits to what it can achieve. It will not end up replacing national currencies.

Golden rules when you start investing

Whether you start to invest with €100 per month or €100.000 a year, to get your return on investment, manage risk and minimize loss, these golden rules matter.