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You are Tomorrow

Mindset is everything. Where focus goes, energy flows. Your twenties and thirties are the perfect time to lay the foundation for lifelong sustainable wealth. To become financially independent as soon as possible, self-direct your investments and keep control over your wealth.

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The You are Tomorrow community by Degroof Petercam is made up of 900+ people, successful entrepreneurs and high potentials that aim to achieve high growth and are interested in getting a better handle on their finances.


The Art of Finance

Learn the game of wealth management and investing. Join our masterclasses and build your financial future with confidence.

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Responsible investments explained

Sustainable. Responsible. Buzz words, when it comes to investing too. And this makes perfect sense as both the environment and society are faced with so many challenges these days. Socially responsible investing has been growing in popularity in recent history. In this article, we explore in greater depth what Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is and the ESG criteria that apply to it. It’s hip, but effective too?

The non-romantic effect of marriage, legal or de facto cohabitation: what is the difference in terms of inheritance?

In this article we focus on a non-romantic effect of the decision to get married, or not: How does that decision affect your inheritance?  In terms of inheritance, there are quite some differences between legal spouses, legal cohabitants and de facto cohabitants.

Young investor? Then avoid these 5 pitfalls!

Do you have some money aside and want to start investing? Then there are several pitfalls to avoid. We will list them for you and give you tips on how to build your portfolio wisely!