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Your Internet banking security

The media regularly report cases of bank fraud. Below we answer questions on how you can prevent fraud, which measures the bank takes to prevent it, and what you should do if you receive an e-mail or phone call that might be related to fraud. 

What does the bank do to prevent fraud?

Your transactions and personal data are secured at three levels: the operational level, the Internet level and at the level of the bank's web servers.

Internet fraud and fraud via other media

Fraudsters seek to obtain personal data, such as your user name, password or the number of your credit card by impersonating a trusted entity. This practice is called "phishing". 

​How can you prevent fraud?​​

Below are several practical security tips for using your My Degroof Petercam.

What to do if you suspect fraud?

In all cases, notify the Digital Care Service, and we will verify if everything is in order on our side or if we need to take action.