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Internet fraud and fraud via other media

Fraudsters seek to obtain personal data, such as your user name, password or the number of your credit card by impersonating a trusted entity. This practice is called "phishing". They use the stolen information to perform banking transactions via your account. Fraudsters have more than one way of attempting to obtain data, and sometimes they use a combination of different methods.  After receiving an e-mail, for example, you might immediately receive a phone call.

You receive a fraudulent e-mail

In the e-mail message, you are requested to provide your secret codes and/or the numbers of your credit cards or your Digipass. This e-mail may contain a link to a website or to a fake My Degroof Petercam page, where you are then asked to enter your bank details.

If you receive an e-mail from the bank in which you need to click on a link to our web site or to My Degroof Petercam, always check if the URL of the page you land on begins with “https” and contains The “s” stands for “secured”. By clicking the padlock icon at the top of the browser window, you can check whether the certificate of the Web page has been obtained in name of the bank.

The bank will never ask you to provide your bank details or your login information by e-mail or by phone.

You are asked to enter your bank information when you log on to My Degroof Petercam

A link in an e-mail message directs you to a page where you need to connect to My Degroof Petercam and where you need to enter your bank details. Always verify that the URL for My Degroof Petercam is the following:

As a customer of the bank, you should never enter any login data other than your user name and the numbers that appear on your Digipass.

You receive a fraudulent phone call

You receive a phone call from a person who introduces him-/herself as a bank employee and claims to have been asked to verify your banking data. The fraudster asks you to provide this information by phone. Sometimes fraudsters call after sending an e-mail asking to confirm bank details and data from the Digipass.

Employees of the bank will never ask you to disclose your bank details by phone.

You get an unusual screen message during your My Degroof Petercam session

While connecting, or during a transaction, an unusual display appears (e.g. a modified screen, unusual message, or a pop-up screen where you need to confirm your data). When we change something on our My Degroof Petercam platform or on our website, we will notify you by e-mail or regular mail (if we do not have your e-mail address). If you want to receive information as soon as possible, send us your e-mail address via your My Degroof Petercam (Profile - My contact data) or via your Manager.

Terminate the connection immediately and inform us.

You are the victim of a virus on your computer, smartphone or tablet

Some viruses can collect all your passwords and transmit them to a fraudster, e.g you are asked to enter your code as part of an alleged test procedure.

The bank never launches testing procedures during your My Degroof Petercam session.

What does the bank do to prevent fraud?

In all cases, notify our security team, and we will verify if everything is in order on our side or if we need to take action.