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What does the bank do to prevent fraud?

In all cases, notify the Digital Care Service,  and we will investigate to see if everything is in order on our side, or if we need to take action.

contact the digital care service

Security at My Degroof Petercam

Your transactions and personal data are secured at three levels: the operational level, the Internet level and at the level of the bank's web servers.

  • The assignment, renewal and the internal management of Digipass and access codes are conducted according to strict procedures.
  • All  My Degroof Petercam data flows between the bank's server and your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) are encrypted.
  • Our web servers are protected by an internal security system (firewall).
  • We trace accesses and access attempts and limit abuse that appears to be fraud.
  • We verify the origin of the connection to the site and the browser version and system that were used.

Communication and Securing e-mails

If you receive an e-mail from the bank in which you need to click on a link to our web site or to My Degroof Petercam, you should always be taken to one of our secure pages. You can check this by looking to see if the URL begins with “https”. The “s” stands for “secured”. By clicking on the padlock icon at the top of the browser window you can check whether the certificate of the Web page is linked correctly to the bank's name.

You may receive e-mails that have not been sent from a DegroofPetercam address. We occasionally collaborate with different partners. However, you will never be asked to communicate your banking or login information by e-mail or by phone.